Once the erstwhile royal family’s hunting lodge commissioned by Rana Onkar Sinh in 1895, the Mahal has been restored with fine attention to detail preserving its originality. Inundated with memorabilia, art deco furniture, precious books and family photographs collected over generations, Raaj Mahal encapsulates the regal era gone by. It welcomes like-minded travelers from across the globe for immersive and authentic rural experiences.


Opening late 2020. Located in the heart of Mumbai, Kathiwada City House is a place to slow down and connect with your tribe. Our community welcomes talented and like-minded people who take delight in sharing experiences and embrace a holistic way of living. Set in a repurposed art deco bungalow, the City House is alive with diverse activities that have been curated by Sangita Kathiwada, the founder of Melange and a true patron of the arts.

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