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H.H. Rana Digvijaysingh of Kathiwada (b.October 1985)

As cultural figurehead and custodian of the Kathiwada dynasty, Digvijay spearheads various social projects and initiatives in the region of Kathiwada which are dedicated to socio-economic reforms and upliftment of society and environmental rehabilitation.

A graduate of Urban Planning and Policy, he has devoted his time effectively in understanding and solving human and planetary issues since 2007. MISSION 2034 is an ambitious and well researched 'Regional Development Plan' which he has put together after many years of public interaction and domain expert collaborations.



In 2010, shortly after his graduation, Digvijay was formerly conferred the title H.H. Rana-saheb Shri Digvijaysinghji of Kathiwada. “Rana” (meaning: King) is reserved for the heir apparent. He was formally coronated during a ceremony held on the palace grounds by the people of Kathiwada just after the passing of his Grandfather. Rana Jayendrasinghji, the princely state’s previous ruling monarch.


  • ICSE (2001) & ISC (2003), Cathedral & John Connon School, Mumbai. India’s premier schooling institute since 1860.

  • Major, B.Sc. Urban Planning, Policy & Development, University of Southern California (Los Angeles), 2007.

  • Minor, B.A. Business Administration, Marshall School of Business, USC, LA, 2007.


  • Chairman, Rogi Kalyan Samiti (Committee for Healthcare), Kathiwada Block, 2023

  • Founder & President, Kathiwada Vikas Parishad (Kathiwada Development Society), 2020

  • President, Kathiwada Tehsil Cricket Association, 2016

  • President, Kathiwada Krishi Vigyan Kendra (Agriculture Knowledge Institute), a public-private partnership (joint-venture), 2022

  • Deafcto Head, Dhanarmata Temple Trust, Kathiwada, since 2010

Art & Culture

  • Founder, Kathiwada Arts & Sports, an Auction House for charity, 2016

  • Vice-President, Osian’s Auction House, Mumbai, 2007-2012

  • Guest lecturer at Sotheby’s Institute of Art, London, 2012-2013

  • Member, Young Collectors Club, Christies, London, since 2022

Charitable Organisations

  • Managing Trustee, Kathiwada Foundation, since 2014

  • Managing Director, Raana Kathiwada Foundation (Section 8 Company), 2021

  • CSR Head, Gannon Dunkerley & Co. Ltd., Mumbai, 2014-2021

Clubs & Associations

  • Co-Founder, Trojan Cricket Club (USC), established 2003

  • Founder & President, Osian’s Cricket Club, Mumbai, since 2008

  • Founder & Chairman, DSK Sports Club, Kathiwada, since 2016

  • Institutional Member, Madhya Pradesh Cricket Association, since 2016

Businesses & Boards

  • Founder, Circle1434, a private members club for artists, creators and philanthropists, 2021

  • Director, Kathiwada City House, an art and culture center in the heart of Mumbai, 2020

  • Co-Founder & Director, Kathiwada Brands PLC, a sportswear company, 2018

  • Director, Kathiwada Agri Farms LLP, 2018

  • Managing Director, Kathiwada Leisures LLP, a tourism promotion venture, 2017

  • Owner, Kathiwada Raaj Mahal, a heritage tourism destination, 2014



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