In 1993 Melange opened its doors to the world with a collection of khadi ensembles in white and earthy tones. Melange not only set out on a journey to carve its own niche in the city but also dictated the future of fashion and the rise of designer garments. One of the first multi-designer stores in the city, what set Melange apart was its eco-friendly philosophy. It wasn’t just restricted to the product lines but a mindset that resonated throughout the store.

Sportsqvest is a sustainable, zero-waste brand offering trending activewear, premium basics and customised clothing for individuals and groups. Launched in 2015 with a mission to curb fast fashion and be a leader in sustainable clothing it was important to meet all the basic criteria to ensure it stayed true to our vision. 

Man Up, Woman Up! MUWU was created to make something stylish, cool & also the most comfortable thing you own in your wardrobe! We stand by the good in you, we believe in you, and you have the right to feel confident, comfortable and also make a statement! So come, celebrate the fact that it’s time everyone join the #MUWU movement to be the best version of themselves.

Launching in 2021 Carbon Stitch is will be a zero-waste, carbon neutral clothing brand from the get-go offering sleek minimilism in casual wear.

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