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“ Yada yada hi dharmasya glanirbhavati bharata

dharmasangsthapanarthay sambhabami yuge yuge ”

-Lord Krishna to Arjuna in the Mahabharata.

Translation: Whenever, wherever there is destruction of dharma and the prevalence of adharama I shall reincarnate and bring myself upon earth to save mankind.

The core objective of the foundation is to positively impact and influence the lives and surroundings of those in the region of Kathiwada but not limited to it.


The wide range of parameters set aside by the foundation allows it the flexibility to problem-solve with changing times and changing needs. The foundation works to preserve and re-build the ecosystem by creating sporting infrastructure, providing health care, creating hygiene awareness and social sanitation, supporting tribal arts & culture, partaking in heritage preservation, activating reforestation, championing sustainable agriculture, animal welfare, vocational training, education scholarships, and much more.

Join us on one of several curated trips between November and February to Kathiwada Raaj Mahal and immerse yourself in experiences of giving that celebrate the work of our foundation. Our expert guides will fascinate you with curated tours on mud architecture, tribal arts, reforestation, organic farming, pottery and much more. Contact us to know more about how this works.

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