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Disclaimer and Basis


All thoughts and opinions mentioned in this paper are personal and are subject to evolve over time with the advance of technology, change in (governance) policy and deepening of the knowledge pool. This is a vision document created after several years of close interaction and observation with the people of Kathiwada and their physical construct. This is not a blue-print for governance (whose core responsibilities lay in policy and development). In lieu of the lack of structured development and its (slow) pace in Kathiwada, this is a statement providing ideas for opportunities and possibilities that exist today in order to accelerate the overall improvement of the area and the social fabric of the region. 


Practical Assumptions

The plans mentioned in this document are dependent on basic infrastructure such as power supply, road quality and suitable water. It is rational to assume that the quality of this infrastructure will either improve at a slow pace over time with a surge in progress every few years when landmark development projects are sanctioned. A stable government helps. A most recent example being the completion of the state highway, concretising various sections of the arterial road and upgradation of the power sub-station and some work being conducted in water conservation.


Primary Objective


To create the platform for self-reliance by way of social and economic growth with awareness of present policies thus having less dependency on government is the key takeaway of this regional development plan. All projects mentioned in this document are to be privately established which encourage the local entrepreneur while attracting the outside philanthropist. 

Ancillary Objectives


To stand out as a truly remarkable model town project that works successfully with various stakeholders as an example for all.

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