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The Masterplan

Our Masterplan or as we like to call it the "Nucleus Development Plan" is a 131 acre plan divided into 10 Zones. This is the sub-set of a Regional Development Plan which will follow.


Each zone is carefully integrated with the community and aligned with our overall Vision and Mission 2034. Architects MuseLab (Mumbai) spent 18 months planning the strategy with HH Rana Digvijaysingh to bring his vision to paper.

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Zone 1: Raaj Mahal

Raaj Mahal forms the back-bone of the project being the first to be developed and completed in 2014. It will be the flagship project for all tourism activities to follow.

Raaj Mahal Kathiwada is a late 19th-century hunting lodge which was restored over a 7-year period from 2007 to 2014. for more.

Zone 2: Horticulture & Organic Farming

Neighbouring the heritage tourism zone, the orchards and horticulture campus are home to the Rana Digvijaysingh Krishi Vigyan Kendra (Agriculture Research Institute) and comprises of a small horticulture campus with the indigenous mango tree plantation using organic and water preservation techniques.

Intercropping with other essential organic species of crops in the infancy of the mango plantation is also taking place.

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Zone 3: Food Forest
& Farm Toursim

In line with our research institute, work on a food forest will begin in early 2023. In association with the Government of India, KVK, Afforest Institute and Pukaar Foundation.

This zone is our most experimental zone to ensure the highest grade of soil, water and plant sustainability is met.

We are also creating modest housing for like-minded collaborators to live, teach and learn on these lands.

Zone 4: A Better Way of Life

Zone 4 is reserved for the discerning few. In order to create a sense of township and community, this project is slated for late 2026.


We would tap into the markets of Baroda, Indore and Ahmedabad which are large cities within driving distance of Kathiwada and create a sustainable way of life in the form is a second homes market. It would generate more organic product demand for the locals and everyone would participate in this placemaking concept.

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Zone 5: The Bio-Reserve

An outright tree-plantation initiative on 27 acres of land.

This bio-reserve is being sensitively planned to enhance soli quality and conserve water. Sustainable forest cabins may be added to the zone in the future as a part of our responsible tourism initiative.


A zone where man, animal and nature will co-exist with least human interferences. 

Zone 6: Extention

Zone 6 is a mere extension to Zone 4 and is earmarked for future development. 2026-2027.

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Zone 7: New City Center

The erstwhile royal Polo Grounds are earmarked for our most ambitious project and a true placemaking experiment.

This new city centre when completed in May 2024 will boast of open and closed sporting facilities flanking the already successful cricket ground. It will also be home to a local crafts and royal heritage museum.


The city centre will also have a thriving bazaar, mini-resort for local tourism, a botanical garden, children's playground, walking tracks and a lot more.

To know more about our NDP (Nucleus Development Plan) and to intern with us on public policy, placemaking and development please write to us on

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